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Some questions about license


we have several questions about licensing of controls.

1. If we are are registered customers what product version we can download(trial or not)?

2. What is the limitations of the trial product?


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    I am happy to assist you.

    If you are a registered subscriber, you would be eligible to download any product that was available during your subscription period. If you are not a subscriber, and have registered on our web site, you will be eligible to download our most current version software- NetAdvantage 2010 Volume 2.

    In regards to our trial version software. Our Trial versions are fully functional, with a time period of 20 usage days (or 30 calendar days). Once a license has been purchased, you can easily convert your trial into a full version by registering your new key, and re-running the product installer. This process will convert all of your development from a trial version, to a licensed version. The only download, in which you would not be eligible for during your trial use, is our source code. Source code is available once purchased.


    Marie DiPoalo

    Customer Support Manager


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