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A better Win Client package for WPF


I'm an analyst developer working for more than one company which are working in very different area of business. One of them is a manufacturing R&D company for which I'm developing simulation app for different machining operations. We have a WPF app for which we want to buy NetAdvantage for Win Client but we this product doesn't have some features which are very important for our app. We use charts as our simulation output and being able zoom and pan those charts are essential. And these very basic features of charts are not found on WinClient package. They are put in Data Visualisation package. We don't need this package at all; it's definitely not for us. But we need charts with high capability.

You are advertising your Data Visualisation product with "High-End Business Intelligence" and you have some BI centric components but Charts and also Excel Import / Export don't just belong to BI. They are used in every simple LOB and basic apps. While we can get these basic, common essential features from other standard WPF packages and not from yours will make us hesitate and may be at the end give up on buying your product.

I need to know if our requirement, NetAdvantage for Win Client package with full charting features, can be satisfied.

Thanks in advance,