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Filtering/sorting not working using a ng-template

Im having trouble filtering/sorting a column using an ng-template. For instance, I created a simple array of objects with an Id and an objectLink object (which is showed as an anchor) per row. = [{ "id": 10, "objectLink": { "link": "localhost", "title": "Localhost" }}, 
                {"id": 11, "objectLink": { "link": "http://external", "title": "External" } }
                {"id": 12, "objectLink": { "link": "http://external", "title": "External" } }
                {"id": 13, "objectLink": { "link": "http://external", "title": "External" } }
                {"id": 14, "objectLink": { "link": "http://external", "title": "External" } }
                {"id": 15, "objectLink": { "link": "http://external", "title": "External" } }
                {"id": 16, "objectLink": { "link": "http://external", "title": "External" } }
                {"id": 17, "objectLink": { "link": "http://external", "title": "External" } }
                {"id": 18, "objectLink": { "link": "http://external", "title": "External" } }
                {"id": 19, "objectLink": { "link": "http://external", "title": "External" } }
                {"id": 20, "objectLink": { "link": "http://external", "title": "External" } }

        <igx-column field="id" header="ID" sortable=true filterable=true resizable=true movable=true>
        <igx-column field="objectLink" header="Link" sortable=true filterable=true resizable=true movable=true>
            <ng-template igxCell let-cell="cell" let-val>
                <a href="">{{val.title}}</a>

When I try to filter it by "Title", in this case "Localhost", the grid shows a "No records found." message.

Also, the filtering dropdown has a wrong z-index.

Is there anything wrong with my code or is this feature not supported? if the latter, can it be added to the backlog?

Thank you

Version: IgniteUI for Angular 6.0.3