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Need to edit the row cells, also performing the validations based the on the input selection.

Hi Team ,

1. I want to disable all the other rows while editing the selected rows .

2. Perform validation like comment field should enable based on the prim rate value change.

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    Offline posted

    Thank you for contacting Infragistics Support. 
    In order to perform row editing is necessary to set the property rowEditable to true and to define a primary key for your igx-grid. Also as you may read in our documentation, you can perform validation when the onRowEdit or onCellEdit events are rised, and to cancel the row edit if the provided data is not valid and/or to provide a feedback to the user that the data is incorrect. Also keep in mind that there is logged an issue in our official repository related with cell and row editing.

    Can you, please, describe in more details what do you mean by disable rows (just add a specific style to them or make them unusable)? Here you can read more details for row editing functionality that the grid provides and here is the documentation for the cell editing.
    In you need any further assistance please contact us.