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how to clear the selected cell in igx-grid ?

1. I want to clear this highlight cell which gets selected on click of that cell and prevent further events from that cell.

Eg-1: On click of some button in the screen, I want to clear all the selected cells.

Eg-2 :  I have a simple counting function that increase the count on cell click. For the first time selection of the cell it works, but again selecting the same cell , it doen't work., may be the cell is already selected, so how can I clear that cell selection or prevent the cell selection part from the whole grid in a way it should not affect the counting function.

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    Thank you for contacting Infragistics Support.
    I am sending you a sample, where you can see in details how you can clear cell selection, if that is necessary for you. Actually you can just add listener to onSelection event and to clear the selection.
    If you have any additional question, please contact us.

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