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Positioning Strategy of Igx-Combo

Is it possible to change the positioning strategy of Igx-Combo? I am having an issue with the overlay appearing outside the viewport. If so, could you please provide an example?

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    Hi Hana,

    Thank you for reaching out to us!

    Currently, there is no way to change the positioning strategy of the `igx-combo`, as it uses a custom strategy. Overlay settings are not exposed for the control. With a bit of refactoring we should be able to make it so that the component's overlay settings can be modified.

    I've logged an issue on our github repo, you can check it to see if any progress is made.

    A possible workaround you could try is changing the combo's `itemsMaxHeight` and `itemHeight` inputs in order to control the drop-down height.

    Hope this helps!

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