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Date Picker is not showing the date selected


I am using date picker control. my requirement is to format the date in MM/dd/yyyy format.

I am able to implement formatting but after implementing the formatting I am getting a weird issue. if I enter junk value like 45/45/4556 in date picker control it wipes out as soon as I tab out or select the calendar icon. but after that when I chose any date, the junk date again comes back.

Sample app is here.

I also have a requirement to show the date and month in 2 digit format. If the date is 4/1/2019 then show 04/01/2019. 



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    Hi there,
    Thank you for your question! I am glad to see that you are using the `mask` and `formatter` inputs with confidence and with ease, I guess you've visited our official date-picker documentation. Your requirement looks pretty straight forward, I see that you want to format the selected date to be with zero leading format, and this is the case for both day and month values.

    In order to address your question I've logged an issue in our public github repository, we have very strong and active community and I am positive that we will find what is causing this incorrect behavior in a short time.

    Let me know if you have any other questions and concerns.

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