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Ignite UI for Angular - RTL support


We're considering Ignite UI for Angular as our professional UI library for a quite large enterprise system.

We took some test drives on various features. Very quickly we ran into problems related to RTL, which is a must for us.

For example, when we have a grid in a containing view with dir="rtl", and we scroll horizontally all the way to the left end, the position of the last column seems incorrect - the column is cropped:

Since I didn't find any reference specific to UI for Angular, I would like to ask it in general - is RTL a supported and tested scenario? Where can I get relevant resources?

Many thanks!

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    Hello Itiel Beeri,

    Thank you for your post!

    I am glad to hear that you are considering our UI Library. About the RTL support, this is something that we were talking about for some time and is truly a must part in any product. Here you can find the GitHub issue about it and to take this further I've forwarded your post to our Product Owner, responsible for taking care of the planning and distribution of the requirements and product ideas.

    Meanwhile, you can check our GitHub activity, we have a very strong community with open-source contribution and you can check everything that we are working. A lot of great stuff are happening right now, we are preparing for a major 8.2.0 release, which will take part at the end of the month, and will introduce features like Grid Advanced Filtering, Enhanced Selection, Multi-view Calendar and a lot more.

    I am positive that RTL support will be a part of our Plan for the next release, so stay tuned and if you have any other questions or concerns, to not hesitate to contact us in GitHub.

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