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Grid Font Size / Typography


I've been reviewing the documentation on typography and how this can be applied to modify component fonts.

Is it possible to modify igx-grid font sizes using this method? Does a typography mixin exist for the grid component?

What would be the approach to change the default font size for grid cells and/or headers?

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    Offline posted

    Hey Mark,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Currently, we do not have igx-grid-typography sass mixin, here you can find all available mixins that are covered with the topic that you references.

    In order to achieve the desired behavior you will have to target the classes - igx-grid__th, igx-grid__th-title, igx-grid__td, etc - and overwriting the font-sizes, line-heights and other styles as necessary via CSS.

    My recommendation is to go ahead and log a feature-request about the igx-grid-typography mixin in our repository -

    I am looking forward to your reply!