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Grid and combobox editor demo not working as expected

The grid editing demo at StackBlitz seems to be broken with the combobox integration for the "Available At" column.

  • When the cell goes into edit mode, the selected item(s) which were displayed in the cell are not checked in the combobox editor.
  • After the selection has been made and the cell edit committed, the updated cell value that's displayed has a few problems:
    • The original values may still be still listed, even if those values were no longer selected.
    • There is no value listed for the newly selected options.

Could you please fix this so we have an understanding of how to use the combobox properly with the grid?

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    Offline posted

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    The sample is indeed incorrect, we'll address that as soon as time permits.

    The combo is not properly configured - it's set to use a `[valueKey]`, but the `[(ngModel)]` is passing object references.

    To fix this, when defining the editing template, use a combo without a `[valueKey]` property and define a `[displayKey]`:

    <ng-template igxCellEditor let-cell="cell" let-value>
                        <igx-combo type="line" [(ngModel)]="cell.editValue" displayKey="shop" [data]="locations" width="220px"></igx-combo>

    You can learn more about combo binding in the official documentation.

    Here is a working StackBlitz example.

    Hope this helps!