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Grid Advanced Filtering to Independent Query Builder?

Good Morning,

We have a requirement for our project to allow the user to build a query through our UI that would then be translated to a Mongo Query and passed to our Java Service and return data based on the Query Parameters.  We have been looking at the Grid Advanced Filtering capability, and the UI is exactly what we want.  It's perfect for what we need.  The question is can it be re-purposed somehow to be an independent query builder?

Basically, what I would be looking to do would be to decouple it from a grid, somehow pass in an array of values that would replace the Select Column list in the examples, and then when the Apply button is clicked, somehow override the current functionality to allow me to grab the built filter conditions, translate it into a Mongo Compitable JSON query, and then send it off to our Query Data Service.  Is this possible to do somehow?

It would definitely save us a fair amount of time to be able to use this somehow instead of having to build our own from scratch.



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