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Dynamic row spanning


We're interested in Infragistics and its grid component, but we'd like to make sure it fits our needs.

One of them is being able to fuse (span) cells that have the same value.

For exemple, a grid like this:

should look like this one in our app:

I looked at the grid documentation as well the demo samples. Multi-row Layout is the closest feature to what we'd like, but it doesn't seem possible to dynamically set rowStart and rowEnd per row.

Is this kind of result possible?

Kind regards,


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    Thank you for posting on our forums. 
    Setting rowStart and rowEnd dynamically at this point is not supported and is considered a feature request.You can submit a feature request in our GitHub repository here.  
    Remember when submitting your idea to explain the context in which a feature would be used and why it is needed as well as anything that would prevent you from accomplishing this today. You can even add screenshots to build a stronger case.
    This will give you the opportunity do directly communicate with our development team regarding the issue and get notifications whenever a new information is available.
    Please let me know if you need any further assistance.
    Tihomir Tonev
    Associate Software Developer
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