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while pasting 10K rows, getting Page is unresponsive error

Hello Team,

I am using igx-data-grid and have implemented Grid Paste from Grid using Paste Handler in Chrome Browser. Ignite version is 9.1.16

Issue: When i am trying to Copy and Paste 10000 rows at once from excel to Igx Data Grid, it pops up a message saying " The Page is unresponsive and we have 2 options to wait or exit". Also when i click on Wait option it shows this message thrice or more and finally pastes the Data. The wait time to paste is about 2-3 mins.

Expected: When i paste 10000 records in the igx Data Grid, it should display the loader and the pop up showing the page is unresponsive should not display. Also the wait time to paste the data should be less than a minute.

Please provide the resolution/ workaround ASAP as it is an ongoing Project.

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    I am currently working on this and will update once I have more information.

    Best regards,
    Developer support

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