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IGgrid Pagination total records count not updating after search function

When i try to search some records on iggrid using search text box, i get required result on grid but my total records and no. of pages are not updating, they remain same as before search.

after search i got 3 records, but in pagination it shows data

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    It sounds like you're working with a grid or table component, likely in the context of a web application, and you're encountering an issue with the total records count not updating correctly after performing a search function. Pagination is a common feature used to display a large set of data in smaller, manageable chunks.

    Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and address this issue:

    1. Check the Backend Query: Ensure that the search function triggers a correct query on the backend that retrieves the matching records. Make sure the query filters and returns the accurate count of total records based on the search criteria.

    2. Verify Frontend Logic: Double-check the frontend code responsible for updating the total records count after a search. Ensure that the count is being updated with the correct value returned from the backend.

    3. Synchronize Search and Pagination: Ensure that the search and pagination components are properly synchronized. When a search is performed, the pagination component should update based on the new total records count.

    4. Refresh or Reload Data: After performing a search, consider refreshing or reloading the data displayed in the grid to ensure that the pagination and total records count are correctly updated.

    5. Use AJAX or Asynchronous Requests: If the data is fetched asynchronously, ensure that the search function and pagination updates are handled using AJAX or asynchronous requests to avoid potential conflicts.

    6. Debugging and Logging: Implement logging or debugging statements in your code to trace the flow of data and identify any points where the total records count might not be updating as expected.

    7. Caching and Data Consistency: Check if there's any caching mechanism in place that might be causing outdated data to be displayed. Ensure data consistency between backend and frontend.

    8. Test Different Scenarios: Test different scenarios, such as performing searches with different criteria, to identify whether the issue is consistent or specific to certain cases.

    9. Review Framework or Library Documentation: If you're using a specific framework or library for the grid or pagination, consult its documentation for any guidance on handling total records count updates after search actions.

    10. Community or Support Forums: If the issue persists, consider reaching out to online developer communities, forums, or support channels related to the grid or library you're using. Others may have encountered and solved similar issues.

    By carefully reviewing your code, ensuring data synchronization, and verifying the interactions between your search and pagination components, you should be able to identify and resolve the issue with the total records count not updating correctly after a search function.

    regards: mall of toys 

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    After utilizing the search function on IGgrid, the total records count for pagination might not update automatically. To resolve this, ensure that you're updating the total records count in the pagination configuration with the relevant number of results returned by the search query. This will ensure accurate pagination display. As for reposting on TikTok, the platform doesn't offer a built-in repost feature. To share someone else's video, you can save it and then upload it as your own content while giving credit to the original creator in the caption.

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    Addressing the issue of the IGgrid pagination total records count not updating after a search function in the context of local SEO involves examining the data retrieval and update process. Ensure that the search function triggers a refresh of the total records count in real-time or upon the completion of the search operation. This ensures that users, particularly those focused on local SEO, receive accurate and up-to-date information about the total records matching their search criteria. Implementing a seamless and dynamic update mechanism in the pagination component enhances user experience and ensures the relevance of search results, aligning with the principles of effective local SEO strategies.

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