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Get parent tree node in nodeClick client event ASP.NET MVC

How do you get the parent tree node in the nodeClick JavaScript event? And, where is the documentation source for this information?

Here is my tree with the nodeClick client event:

    .Bindings(b1 =>
    .ClientEvents(new Dictionary<string, string> { { "nodeClick", "FilterTreeNodeClicked" } })

Here is my JavaScipt event:

function FilterTreeNodeClicked(evt, ui) {

    // This is NOT the tree node. Instead, it looks like a DOM element
    var ParentNode = $("#FilterTree").igTree("parentNode", ui.node.element);

    // I need the parent for ui.node


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    For documentation on this information, you can refer to the official documentation provided by Infragistics for the client-side events of the Tree control and the ui.node object structure. This documentation should describe the properties and methods available in event handlers, including how to access parent nodes. For example, I take my online class for me here If you encounter any discrepancies or difficulties, you can also reach out to Infragistics Support or the Community Forums for further assistance.

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