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Different editor for each cell in grid column

Is it possible to have a different editor for each cell in a single grid column? I.e. One single column with different editors for each row. (combo boxes, date pickers, textboxes, numbers, etc.)

I am trying to use an Infragistics TreeGrid and TreeGridModel in an MVC app to simulate a Windows property grid. (see attached image)

The TreeGrid needs a different editor for each row in the last column, as shown in the example.

Or, is the TreeGrid a bad choice for emulating the Windows property grid? Is there a better component?

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    Offline posted

    Infragistics TreeGrid does not provide a built-in feature to have a different editor for each cell in a single grid column. The grid column is typically associated with a specific data type or editor type, and it applies to all cells within that column.

    However, there are alternative approaches you can consider to achieve your desired functionality:

    1. Custom Editors: You can create geometry dash subzero custom editor templates for the TreeGrid column and dynamically render different editor types based on the data or row conditions. You would need to handle the logic for detecting the appropriate editor type and rendering the corresponding editor in each cell.

    2. Template Column: Instead of using the built-in column types, you can use a template column in the TreeGrid. With a template column, you have full control over the content of each cell, including the ability to use different editor types or custom controls based on the row data. You can define custom HTML or Razor templates for each cell and incorporate the desired editor or control based on your requirements.

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