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How to set a link url or controller action in a tree childnode

Hi, I´m in a mvc .net project and I have no idea how to set the <a href> property tag in the <li> with the Json function, how can I change the '#' in the href and the target?

My Cshtml have the tree menu like this elements:

<ul style="" data-depth="2">

      <li class="ui-igtree-node ui-igtree-node-nochildren" data-path="0_2_0" data-value="000000000000000000000000" data-role="node">

                <a href="#" target="_self" class="ui-corner-all">Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet</a>



I load the tree menu with a Json like this structure:

My Json is like:

$(function () {

var data = [];
$.post("LoadMenuTree", {}, function (menu, status) {
data = menu;

// Initialize igTree
       dataSourceType: "json",
      dataSource: data,
      initialExpandDepth: 0,
      bindings: {
                      textKey: "menu_string",
                      valueKey: "id",
                      childDataProperty: "menuDto",