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Regarding igvalidation in iggrid in core mvc

Hello  everyone,

So , I created a mvc project to bind and display data in igrid. The data binding and display part is done but now i want to apply validation in each column. I m confused how to do that. Can anyone please help me out with it with suitable example. The documentation shows use of igvalidator by targeting each element with id. but i have not created any elements i have created columns in grid and displayed data.

Here's my view code Please let me know how to apply validation and custom error messages with validations.

@using Infragistics.Web.Mvc;
@using System.Text.Json

@*@model IEnumerable<GridTransaction.Models.Student>*@
@* The Ignite UI for MVC Grid data source uses LINQ and therefore only accepts instances of IQueryable<T>.
Even when you opt to use the GridMode you will explicitly set the DataSource property which
requires an instance of IQueryable<T> .*@



<table id="grid">


<div class="text-center">
<button id="savechanges" class="btn btn-primary">Save</button>


@section scripts{

@*Batch Update*@
$(function () {
primaryKey: "id",
renderCheckboxes: true,
autoGenerateColumns: false,
updateUrl: "/Student/put/",
width: "100%",

columns: [
{ headerText: "Student ID", key: "id", dataType: "number", width: "15%" },
{ headerText: "Student Name", key: "name", dataType: "string", width: "30%" },
{ headerText: "Marks", key: "marks", dataType: "number", width: "30%" },
headerText: "Image",
key: "imagepath",
dataType: "string",
width: "15%",
template: "<img src='${imagepath}' width='50' height='50' />"
{ headerText: "Subject", key: "subject", dataType: "string", width: "15%" }
dataSourceUrl: "/Student/Data12",
dataSource: "/Student/Data",

features: [
name: "Selection",
mode: "row",
multipleSelection: true
name: "RowSelectors",
enableCheckBoxes: true,
enableRowNumbering: true
name: "GroupBy"
name :"Paging",
pageSize : 7

name: "Filtering",
columnSettings: [
columnKey: "selectColumn",
allowFiltering: false
name: "Sorting",
type: "remote",
// sortUrlKey: 'sort',
// sortUrlKeyAscValue: 'asc',
// sortUrlKeyDescValue: 'desc'
name: "Updating",
enableAddRow: true,
editMode: "row",
validation: true,
enableDeleteRow: true,
rowAdded: function (evt, ui) {
// Custom logic to execute when a row is added
console.log("Event arguments (ui):", ui);
console.log("Row data:", ui.rowId);
console.log(typeof (ui.values));
columnSettings: [
columnKey: "id",
readonly: true

columnKey: "name",
readonly: true,
required: true,


$("#savechanges").on("click", function () {
alert("Save button clicked");
// Save changes when the button is clicked



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