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Are there any IgbDataGrid advanced data binding options??

Are there options for controlling the data binding of IgbDataGrid?  From what i can tell, it simply traverses the entire type of the given object finding all public properties.  This runs into problems when objects have complex structures with circular references...  a StackOverflowException occurs.

So i would like to be able to control this behavior and limit the properties that the grid can bind to.  In the past (with Windows Forms) we used an object that implemented System.ComponentModel.ITypedList to be able to control the binding in complex cases. For example, to limit binding to properties of a single interface.

Note, I am trialing this product in an attempt to reuse as much code as possible from an existing solution, so am curious is this possible?  The alternative i see is to create new view models that do not have the same circular references.