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Polygon Chart on Category Axis


Is there any way we can draw a Polygon chart on a graph that does not contain a Numeric X axis?

As the docs say it is " often used highlight regions in scientific data or they can be used to plot diagrams". We would like to use it to make custom annotations on a chart. However, for our use case we deal with time data and we leaned towards using a  IgbCategoryXAxis with a  IgbNumericYAxis.

We do not need to explicitly use a category (or IgbTimeXAxis) axis, but we do need to display the xAxis as time.
Is there any work around for this type of cases?


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    Hello Luis,

    It is not currently possible to create a Polygon chart without a Numeric X and Numeric Y axis, but it is still possible to have multiple X-Axes in the chart.

    My best recommendation if you are using a CategoryXAxis would be to also add a Numeric X Axis that you can use for the related polygon series. You can then set the NumericXAxis MinimumValue and MaximumValue properties to zero and the count of your data items – 1, respectively. This should synchronize the NumericXAxis with the CategoryXAxis. You can then hide the NumericXAxis by setting its LabelVisibility property.