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Validating RowEditDialog

How do you validate a column in a RowEditDialog. I am using the following:

columnKey: "uc",
editorType: "text",
required: true,
onblur: function (evt, ui) {

} } }

Under Updating -> ColumnSettings.

Nothing seems to work. 

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    Hello William,

    Please note that onBlur is a Boolean option and you can set it either true or false. Also within the grid widget, validatorOptions is accessible through editorOptions object. You can set custom error message using for example something similar to the following code:

    columnSettings: [
    							columnKey: "first_name",
    							editorType: "text",
    							editorOptions: {
    								validatorOptions: {
    									required: {
    										errorMessage: "Custom required"

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