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Persist value of igCombo on postback (Maintain state of igCombo)


I need to persist the selected value of my igCombo on postback when the submit button is clicked, I am using Asp.Net MVC

I have followed this approach but I am getting null in my int[] comboProducts parameter in my [HttpPost] method. please see the code below, Why am I getting null in the action method parameter.


In my Controller:

public ActionResult ComboTest()
return View();

public ActionResult ComboTest(int[] comboProducts)       // I am getting null here
ViewBag.ProductComboSelectedItems = comboProducts; 
return View();


In my View:

@using (Html.BeginForm())
@(Html.Infragistics().Combo()   /* @Html.Infragistics().Combo("comboProducts") does not work and throws object null reference exception */



Please point out where am i going wrong. I cannot seem to understand why am I getting null as parameter.