Retrieve data from PivotGrid and Charts

Helo there, I hope my subject isn't too general.

I was experimenting with your trial and came across the pivotgrid with the dataselector, it works pretty well, I could reproduce some examples and experiment some new things, but then I came across this situation. I would also need the information displayed in the table on a chart too. I saw that you have an example for this, it works well, but as I see, with two conditions.

You cant drag another item to rows, columns and only the rowheaders can expand.

In my case I would need it to work like this example www.igniteui.com/.../overview but with a chart. Is it possible ?

I'm facing problems with these two examples together because when you expand rows and columns, the row or column with colspan mess things up.

If there isn't a way to work with your chart, is there any way I could retrieve the information from the grid to put it in a chart ? I tried to work with the codes from the examples (adapting it a little, debugging) but without success either.

Is there a way to retrieve the data from the grid ? Or I don't know, get the items dragged to the grid and then access their data ? Or get the two examples to work together ?