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igGrid - Setting the widths of columns programatically


I need to capture the current width columns of the igGrid (resizing enabled) and set them back to the grid on some action after some time. The grids have virtualization enabled and are have continuous mode.

We are using 2013.2 version of ignite ui controls.

Please suggest the right of capturing and setting the widths of columns programmatically.


Kiran Kumar L

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    Hello Kiran,

    In order to capture columns width you can clone the current grid column configuration using $("#selector").igGrid("option", "columns"); code. Then you can use it to re-create the grid when you need to restore the columns widths. Keep in mind that re-creating the grid will reset its scroll position or an alternative approach is cycle through the columns collection and use the igGridResizing.resize API to set the column's width individually at run-time.

    Hope this helps,
    Martin Pavlov
    Infragistics, Inc. 

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