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Add new font-family and add new button in igHtmlEditor

I am using igHtmlEditor, i need some customization for below points

1. How to add Dynamic font-family - i get the font lists from Data Base i need to show the list of font-family in drop down.

2. How to add a new button, when i click the button it shows the popup and show two input fields.

Here i attache the screen sort for referance.

Thanks in Advance

Robin Bronston D

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    Hello Robin,

    1. Font families can be set by using the toolbarSettings, the toolbar is called textToolbar. When the default font families are replaced the default values for the other toolbar should be set again with default values. They can be copied from the source code =>  I have created sample to demontrate this, it can be reviewed on jsfiddle.
    2. For custom buttons and toolbars please refer to our  Custom Toolbars and Buttons sample

    Let me know if I may be of further assistance.