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igSpreadsheet - Concurrent save operations

We are currently looking to convert some of our Excel workbooks to intraweb applications.

We noticed Infragistics offers a spreadsheet component in its Ignite UI suite but we were unable to determine if it supports concurrent save operations. A lot of our Excel workbooks are shared and we wish to replicate this functionality.

There are a number of open source (web) spreadsheets which utilize web sockets to push changes to each connected user (e.g. EtherCalc). Is this feature also available in Ignite UI's spreadsheet component? If not, will this feature be implemented in the future?

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    Hello Michael,

    Thank you for using Ignite UI!

    The scenario that you are targeting is possible but would require a custom implementation. The igSpreadsheet itself is a client-side component. It will provide an UI for reading and updating the data that is loaded. However, it does not come with a build-in concurrency manager.

    You will be able to reload the data inside the spreadsheet dynamically but you will need to take care about what is going on on the server by yourself. You would also need to handle the concurrent saves using a custom logic.

    You can look at how the dynamic loading is performed in this sample, for example -

    You can also check the API of the Spreadsheet and of the powerful Excel Engine here -

    If you need help with the custom implementation of your scenario, you can consider contacting the consulting services here:

    I hope this information will help you evaluate the Spreadsheet control for your project. If you have any other or additional questions – do not hesitate to contact me again!

    Thank you once more for using Infragistics Ignite UI!

    Best regards, Alexander Marinov