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igTreeGrid check checkboxes onload

Hello community,
I have searched a long time, but can't find a solution for it.

I am loading a igtreegrid with a remote datasource (rest), i want to check some of the checkboxes when the data is loaded.
For this i found some examples like this:

//Initialize $(".selector").igTreeGrid({ dataRendered: function(evt, ui) { $("#myTreeGridId_table").igTreeGridRowSelectors("toggleCheckStateById","my-id"); } });

The problem seems to be that the dataRendered function is triggered to earl, no data is there to manipulate.
When I use the "toggleCheckStateById" function in the chrome debugger it is working, and dataRender function is also triggered.

What is the easiest way to check the checkboxes? Is there a way to pass the ids for some rows which should be checked? or is there a function which is called after the data is shown?

I also tried already this event: rowsRendered
With the some problem like dataRendered.

Another thing is, i m loading the data on demand (AppendRowsOnDemand), I need also a trigger when this data is complete.

I would be very thankful for each hint

Best regards 

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