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igCurrencyEditor usage and copy to other fields

I have below value which I key in and I want automatically to copy over Limit to Option A currency editor including the formatting.

@(Html.Infragistics().CurrencyEditorFor(m => m.BBROptionsEditViewModel.AddCoverage[k].QuoteAddCoverage.Limit, new { id = "option-limit" + i, @class = "option-value cell option-limit" }).Render()) 

@(Html.Infragistics().CurrencyEditorFor(m => m.BBROptionsEditViewModel.AddCoverageBBR[k].QuoteAddCoverageBBR.OptionA, new { id = "A-Option" + i, @class = "option-value value-input cell" }).Render())

I tried to use the below javascript code but only the value is reflecting but thre prefix of $ and thousand separator is missing.Is there any way I can handle this?

var strOptionA = "input[name='BBROptionsEditViewModel.AddCoverageBBR[1].QuoteAddCoverageBBR.OptionA']"