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Help combo multi-select

i have a problem when use combo multi-select with AngularJS. I dont know how to add
multi-selection= {
to ig-combo

I think maybe use : <multi-selection enable="true"></multi-selection> but no result. Please help me thanks all

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    Hello Steven Vo,

    You can enable multiple selection in IgCombo options.

    <!-- app.component.html -->
    <ig-combo id="'combo1'" [(options)]="options" .... >

    // app.component.ts
    export class AppComponent {
      public options: IgCombo;
      // ....
      constructor() {
        // ....
        this.options = {
          // ....
          multiSelection: {
            enabled: true,
          // ....

    Here is a sample application which uses the above codes.