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Spreadsheet is displaying xlsx-files wrong

Dear Infragistics Support Team,


while developing a preview for excel spreadsheets in our web application using your IgniteUI's spreadsheet component we came across a problem that forced us to disable your component after a few weeks.

Some of our customers discovered a strange behavior where the first column in a spreadsheet was somehow crippled. While the first few rows are displaying this column correctly, all the following are not.

On top of that data from another column is displayed in its place. However, everything is correctly displayed in the current Excel version of Office 365. I have included a screenshot showing excel and your component side by side to better show this issue. This problem is also reproducible in your web demo found at loading the attached excel sheet.

At first, we suspected that something in the layout would lead to this kind of problem. However, since Excel displays everything correctly, we suspect the problem to be in your application.

We greatly appreciate any further help.

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    Commonly, this mistake happens because of the unsupported record augmentation of your document. Thus, ensure that MS Excel in your framework upholds the . xlsx expansion.

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    Hello Thomas,

    Thank you for contacting Infragistics Community!

    In order to be able to isolate the described issue I tried to upload several different xlsx files into the Import Data from Excel File demo. What I noticed is that only the provided file reproduces the misalignment. For the sake of the test, I decided to save the file in the old xls format (Excel 97-2003) and to try uploading it again. Fortunately, I didn’t observe any misalignment issues. Attached you will find the xls file I’m talking about. Still it seemed a bit strange why it has worked with the old formatting and I tried to create a blank new xlsx file and to copy the entire content of your file within the new one. Again when uploading the new xlsx files I didn’t notice any misalignment issues.  I’m attaching the working xlsx file as well. Another approach that I tested was to re-save the file. This also led to positive result and the file was correctly exported.

    Please let me know if you need any further assistance with this matter.

    Best Regards,
    Martin Evtimov
    Entry Level Software Developer
    Infragistics, Inc.