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igDataChart scatterLine series with DataTime x data


I am familiar with  XamDataChart in WPF application but now we are busy with code immigration  to a web application (ASP.Net MVC).

The nature of data is:

  • double y value, call it 'Value' for reference
  • datetime x value, call it 'Date' for reference

The chart should shows the following series sharing the same X-axis:

  • multiple scatter line series
  • singel scatter polygon series 

I would like to use igDataChart  (Ignite UI for JQuery) but could not find a relevant example/code. Moreover,  some of XamDataChart tricks are not working in igDataChart,

For example, I used to create ScatterLineSeries for XamDataChart as follows which works fine: 

var series1 = new ScatterLineSeries
                    Title = deviceName,
                    ItemsSource = Points,
                    XMemberPath = "Date.Ticks",
                    YMemberPath = "Value"

and used an IValueConvertor implementation in DataTemplate for NumericXAxix label that returns only short time string:
public class TicksToShortTimeConverter : IValueConverter
    #region IValueConverter Members
    object IValueConverter.Convert(object value, Type targetTypeobject parameter, CultureInfo culture)
      return new DateTime(Convert.ToInt64(value)).ToShortTimeString();

Can I get a similar example/ code that provides the same behavior for igDatachart?