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IgniteUI igDataChart print landscape

Howdy all,

Been a user of Ignite UI for a while and just rand across the $(selector).ifDataChart("print") command and I lobe it

But.... (there is always one of those)

It defaults to force the plot into portrait mode.  I'd like to have it print in landscape.  How can I make that happen and make sure the resolution is sufficient so it can provide sufficient detail and make many of the labels that overlap in low resolution on the screen visible with the greater plot area.

A sample would be most appreciated.

Off the cuff do I have to have a hidden chart that is scaled for landscape size (whatever that is) and then rotate it 90 deg so it fills the page properly?  If so how does one do that... (I'm an old desktop developer and CSS while I understand it I, I'm not an expert)

Thanks for the help

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    Offline posted

    Hello Douglas,

    Thank you for posting in our community!

    After further investigation, I determined that rotating to landscape mode when printing the igDataChart is currently not provided out of the box.

    However, I believe that you will find the following discussion very helpful. There you can find suggestions for achieving your requirement entirely on application level using css.

    Please let me know if you need any further information.

    Best Regards,
    Martin Evtimov
    Associate Software Developer
    Infragistics, Inc.