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Coloring each data point in a bar chart.

Hi al, hope you guys are doing well and staying safe during this pandemic. 

I have a bar chart with multiple data points and I need to give different colors to each column depending upon the value. Is there any way to achieve this rather than creating multiple serieses? Any help is appreciated.

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    Thank you for contacting Infragistics Community!

    I have been looking into your question and my suggestion in order to achieve your requirements is to hook to assigningCategoryStyle event and set isCustomCategoryStyleAllowed to true on the series. In the event you can use ui.getItems to check the data as well as use startIndex, endIndex and etc.

    Attached could be found a small sample that you might consider helpful.

    Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

    Best Regards,
    Martin Evtimov
    Software Developer
    Infragistics, Inc.

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    I have the same question. Will someone give us an answer?