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Does the Filtering API allow filtering using the predefined customConditions

Is it possible to enable or disable customConditions filters via the filtering API?  I have several columns with customConditions defined (Example Below) but do not see any way to apply these with the API.  

 Ex Colum Filter Definition:

	{ columnKey: "classification", condition: "doesNotEqual", allowFiltering: true, customConditions:
			Unclassified: { key: 'Unclassified', 'Unclassified', expressionText: "Unclassified", filterFunc: function (value) {  return value.includes("Unclassified"); } },
			ClassA: { key: 'ClassA', labelText: 'ClassA', expressionText: "AccountChanges", filterFunc: function (value) { return value.includes("ClassA"); } },
			ClassB: { key: 'ClassB', labelText: 'ClassB', expressionText: "ZeroAmount", filterFunc: function (value) {  return value.includes("ClassB"); } }

Does the API offer any way for me to enable one of the above filters?  I only see a way to define a new filter via the API as shown below.

$("#Grid").igGridFiltering("filter", ([{ fieldName: "classification", expr: "ClassA", cond: "equal" }]), true); 

Thanks in advance!