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Bad formating for date columns for igGridGroupBy columnSettings summaries


I am using the ui.igGridGroupBy component to display summaries after the title and count of my rows in the grid within the context of grouped rows.

I have referred to this page: to achieve this. However, I have noticed some issues, particularly with date column summaries. I use the "columnSettings summaries"

With all summaryFunctions, the date format appears to be transformed into a number, resulting in strange results. For example, the date "29/04/1997 02:00" (French date notation) is transformed into "29,041,997,020,000". This happens with all date formats, whether it's in English, French, or any other language.

If you would like to test, here is a fiddle based on the page I mentioned earlier:

How can I resolve this issue?

Thank you in advance for your response!