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Special character '<' at the start of string does not display the data

Hello, I am currently using Infragistics grid for my ASP .NET MVC project.

I have a sample string data like '<ABCD>' in the database. When I display it using the grid, only the data with '<' character at the start of the string data is not display. How can I fix it?

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    Update options
    To update options, changing the options property in place or passing in a new options object is supported.
    If options are changed in place, other option properties will be preserved, including those calculated by Chart.js.
    If created as a new object, it will be the same as creating a new chart with options - the old options will be removed.
    function updateConfigByMutating(chart) {
    chart.options.plugins.title.text = 'new title';
    function updateConfigAsNewObject(chart) {
    chart.options = {
    responsive: true,
    plugins: {
    title: {
    display: true,
    text: 'Chart.js'
    scales: {
    x: {
    display: true
    y: {
    display: true
    The scale can be updated separately without changing other options. To update the scale, pass in an object containing all the customizations including those that don't change.

    Variables referencing any variables from which chart.scales will be lost after updating the scale with a new variable id or changed

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