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After Fix and Unfix events igTreeGrid changes the sequence (position) of columns under group.tree

This is how initially rendered.

After fix and unfix it changes the sequence of columns at level 0 under individual group header.

I am using igTreeGrid for this. I do not know what version we are using. Can someone guide me how to check the version too. 

Appreciate help and positivity.



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    Offline posted

    Hello Shweta, 

    I noticed that the same question is asked in this forum thread where I have already provided an answer. 

    Please keep in mind that according to our support policy we handle a single support case/forum thread per query. This helps us ensure that all your issues are addressed correctly. 


    I will continue assisting you via the forum thread so that other members of our community may benefit if they encounter the same situation.  


    Thank you for using Infragistics components. 


    Best Regards,

    Arkan Ahmedov,