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Grid not displaying data

I really need some help here.

I'm using MVC3 with Visual Studio 2010. with jquery 1.6.2 AND jquery-ui 1.8.14.

I have a jQuery grid on a view that will not show data even though I've verified that I'm getting data back from the database.

The grid is set up very simply (no features). It's using a datasourceURL to retrieve the data and the corresponding action is getting. When I return the view, I've tried passing in the ObjectResult (no data displayed, no errors). I've tried passing in an IQueryable, but this gives me an error in the javascript (1.6.2) that says "Microsoft JScript runtime error: The remote request to fetch data has failed:  (error) undefined". This error is thrown at the point where I'm returning the view for the grid request.

If I set up a grid with the exact same parameters, but use the columns set in the demo project "Taz" created, and even use the same dataSourceURL, but change the returned data to be the auto-generated 1000 records of accounts, it works fine.

What am I missing?