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Event not firing

Hi there.

I need to fire a custom popup when a specific cell in the grid has been edited but not saved. I was using the below event but it doesn't fire until the row is saved. Is there an event that fires immediately after a cell has been edited and tabbed off?

$("#mprGrid").live("iggridupdatingeditcellending", function(event, ui) {



        //alert('End editing for cell at ' + ui.row + ':' + ui.column + ', update:' + ui.update + ', value:' + ui.value);



Also, if I may ask another question, I have the following code for editing. I would like to post a JSON string to the server when the row is saved. How can I get the edited cell/value data? ui.values["key"] is not working for me. The alert does not fire if I put in ui.values["row_id"].


$("#mprGrid").live("iggridupdatingeditrowending", function(event, ui) {

        if (ui.update) {

            var ok = confirm('Do you want to update row ' + ui.row);

            if (!ok) {

                return false;


            alert("updating row: " + ui.values['row_id']);            

            //$.post(saveurl, "jsonstring", function(data) { alert("post"); });





Thank you so much.