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Manage igGrid "saveChanges" result


I'd like to know if it is possible to manage the result that controller action send bakc after a "saveChanges" igGrid called method.

My controller action ends with:

            JsonResult result = new JsonResult();
            Dictionary<string, bool> response = new Dictionary<string, bool>();
            response.Add("Success", true);
            result.Data = response;

            return result;

And I know that, if ("Success", true) everything goes right. But if I would like to have more info, or just catch ("Success", false), is there a way to get result in javascript section? Now I have (for example related to deleted row event):

    $("#grid1").live('iggridupdatingrowdeleted', function (event, ui) {

If I put:

            result = $("#grid1").igGrid("saveChanges");

I can see that result is a HTMLTableElement it right? Do you have some suggestions to let me understand how manage saveChanges result or just to manage a negative come back result?

Thank you,