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How does the igUpload not allow extension work?


I am using igUpload control in my ASP.NET MVC3 project. I know it has a property allowedExtensions to set the allowed upload the files with these extensions, I want to know if there is a way to set some types of files cannot be uploaded, is there a property like notAllowedExtension? For example, I just do not want to user to upload .exe files, all other types are ok, how can I do that?

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    Suggested Answer

    Hi Jason,

    You can use the allowedExtensions option in JavaScript on the client or the AllowedExtensions method on the ASP.NET MVC helper:

    JavaScript - accepts an array of strings representing the allowed file extensions:

            allowedExtensions: [ 'jpg', 'bmp' ], 
            progressUrl: '/IGUploadStatusHandler.ashx' 

    ASP.NET MVC Helper (Razor C#) - accepts a Generic List of strings representing the allowed file extensions:

            .AllowedExtensions(new List<string> { "jpg", "bmp" }) 
            .ProgressUrl("/IGUploadStatusHandler.ashx") .Render() 

    If you would like to show an error message, you can handle the onError event in JavaScript and check for status code 2:

        $("#upload").bind("iguploadonerror", function (e, ui) { 
            if (ui.errorCode === 2) 

    You can read more about the upload's API in the API documentation:

    Hope that helps!