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Use igCombo with custom json data schema

I am using a datasource in my .igCombo() which returns json data comprising of several {"id":"name"} items . They have no header or key information like 0:{"Key":"id","Value":"name"} , so that I don't have any pre demarcated valueKey option.

I am trying to declare a json schema like 

var jsonSchema = new $.ig.DataSchema("json", {fields:[
{name: "zoneId", type: "string"},
{name: "siteName", type: "string"}]

But , as soon as I bind this 

var ds = new $.ig.DataSource({ type: "json", dataSource: url, schema: jsonSchema });

It hits my datasource and without any skip or top values and no data is being returned from there.

How to work in such cases , or do I need to modify the json response to always include predefined valueKey options in the response.

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