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React Spreadsheet - drag and drop

I am testing the React Spreadsheet and have found a use case that I cannot get to work.
I wish to be able to click on different cells within the React Spreadsheet control & drag each of them outside of the control onto a separate control so that I can link the active cell (worksheet/row/column) with the external control data.

Is this possible? I cannot see a way of doing this without having a third control that can get the active cell data (via activeCellChanged) and then having to drag this control.  

Thanks, Dan.

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    Offline posted

    Hello Daniel, 

    Thank you for contacting Infragistics. The spreadsheet does not support any type of Drag Drop. You can submit a feature request on our github page here:

    The selectionChanged event might make more sense if you are dragging multiple cells. You'll have to capture a mouse up on the "paste" control and then add items based on what was in that selection manually.