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How to keep animation timeline open

Is there a way to keep the animation timeline panel open all the time? When I'm switching between states in a prototype, it automatically closes the timeline so I have to re-open it every time. It becomes very frustrating when I'm quickly trying to compare what happens in each state. I'm wondering if maybe there is an option for it that I'm not seeing or does it even exist?

Thanks for any help!

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    Hi Allison!

    Regrettably, there is no way now to keep it open while switching states. The timeline closes while switching states to prioritize the visible area of the designer and speed up the state switching. We worked under the assumption that people would want to see the content of the state to decide where they wanted to switch to, but we agree that it might make other workflows more frustrating.

    We'll work it out with the team and find a way to accommodate this scenario.

    Might I ask what do you look at on the timeline to decide if you want to edit the state or not? Are you looking for specific elements? Would, for example, highlighting the elements that were changed on the current state while switching help in your scenario?


    Best regards,


    Indigo Studio Team.