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Usability Study issues

We've just upgraded from Indigo Lite to Indigo Studio and we're very happy with the added functionality. We've made our prototypes and are ready to create usability studies. But I'm having trouble to set up a useful study. For example let's use this study of a simple design:

The idea is to use the start button to begin, choose a emoticon, enter some text and hit send. These steps are also defined in one Task in the study. With this study I run into the following issues:

1. For the study I don't care what type of emoticon the user selects, but the flow of the study only lets me choose 1 emoticon and disables the others. Of course I could say in the task description: 'You are very happy about this product', to guide the user to select a certain emoticon. But what I would like is to edit the task flow so it detects a group of elements is clicked instead of a certain element in that group.

2. For the study I care if the user first would like to enter text and then chooses the emoticon or vise versa. But unfortunately the task flow only dictates the flow I choose. Of course I could analyse the click map to see what the user clicks first. But because all elements are disabled in the flow except the one the 'need' to click it could lead to users stop using the study. What I would like is if I can set up the study so users can interact with the elements in a more free-flow form. For example I could record certain steps for a task, group a few steps in that task and give it an indication that 'it doesn't matter in what order the user follows these steps'. Or perhaps the user may skip steps because some fields are optional to fill-out.

3. Since there isn't a Material Design/Android pack (yet) in Indigo Studio I've used a screenpart library. In specific this one: made by reiss.cashmore. As you can see in the study I've used a material designed textfield. Unfortunately the participants of the study cannot enter a random text in the textfield, but are limited to what I have defined when I recorded the steps. In this case if the user enters 'ok' they can continue. Is this a bug? Because the base element for this screenpart to enter text is an 'input box' and should not care what the user enters in the field (like a normal textfield).

I hope you can comment on these issues so I can set up an usability study that is useful for us and does not frustrate the user.