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Is there a way to retain user input?

I'm trying to figure out if it's possible in Indigo Studio to capture user input (from a textbox for example) and pass it to another state.

I need to build a prototype for this scenario:

1. User is given a form with several input fields - they enter in the data requested.

2. Hit Save button

3. User is redirected to "Detail" page showing everything they just entered as a confirmation.

I'm not sure if Indigo Studio can capture user input and pass it along to another state...I've looked around but don't see a way to do it. Is it possible?

Any help is appreciated! 


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    If I understood your question, we do not support variable support, which helps in capturing and persisting values as you are designing the prototype. If this is of interest, please add it as an idea on

    Can you share a visual of what you are trying to achieve? Also how important is it for simulating your scenario?

    That said, any input typed in a form field like text input, is persisted when someone is running the prototype. So as a temporary workaround, in the new state, do the following:

    • Keep the original form fields
    • give a border color of none
    • Format the text as you need it.