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Adaptable prototype

Hi there, 

I created a prototype for iPhone 7 but when i shared the link to one of my stakeholder its not adaptable to his iPhone 7 Plus because of different resolution and screen size. I am afraid if i will have to create prototype for all the devices manually for all the stakeholders? Is there any way to make the prototype adaptable at least for mobile device so then design will adjust for any device automatically. 


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    Yes, I'm afraid orototypes need to be created for a specific device size. At the moment, they won't adapt to fit a different screen size.

    If you want to make your prototype adaptable, you can use a Bootstrap responsive layout. It is mostly useful if you are planning to use Bootstrap on your application, and want to prototype how things grow, stack, or change their visibility depending on the screen size. But if you only want to make your prototype adjust to the screen, it might not be a good option, given it has some restrictions on how you can layout your elements. In case you want to check how they work and get started, please take a look at this topic.



    Indigo Studio Team