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How can I create a reusable layer

Is it possible to create a layer that can be reused across all or a subset of screens. 

For example, create a navigation menu to reuse on multiple screens. 

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    Hi, Nick.

    Sorry about the wait. There are two parts to the answer. 

    1. If you are using screen "states," which is what happens when you add an interaction and choose "Change this screen," REUSE is built into the Indigo way of prototyping. You can add/remove/reposition elements or anything you like to design in this new state.
    2. If you are looking to reuse across multiple screens, we are considering this as part of the "SCREEN PART" feature. It's described in slightly better detail on our product ideas site. We are letting users vote on these ideas to plan our release efforts. Currently, you will have to copy/paste or duplicate screens to have similar elements across screens.

    As you will see, we started work on an HTML web viewer so to allow running prototypes on devices with a web-browser. So please vote on the SCREEN PART idea if this resolves your question or even submit a new ones! It's a popular idea.

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    Hi, Nick!

    A lot has been going on since you wrote. I'm glad to tell you that our current version supports reusable components - screenparts -. In this link you can find more information about screenparts.

    Once again, thank you for helping us make Indigo better. If you have any questions or more feedback about the product, we'd love to get your thoughts.

    Best regards,
    Indigo Studio Team