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'widgets' that are global in their interaction access

My co-worker and I are doing some peer review and we're generating lots of indigo usage questions, sorry for the barrage. 

One of the things we're doing is building out some 'sub-global' navigations and functions that can be accessed from multiple screens. For example, in the attached project, the pop-up that appears when a user clicks on 'request new item', ideally that pop-up would be accessible from the dashboard screen (the one that it's on), as well as a 'clinical order details' screen (that screen doesn't exist yet, right now it's a set of sub-states of the existing screen). Anyway--I hope I'm explaining myself. Basically it's a 

'widget' that can be called from multiple screens, but when I need to edit the 'widget', I would be able to edit it one time and have all screens using that 'widget' see the resulting update.