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Pie Chart

I know this is more design but I am struggling to see how I can the desired affect. We have a Monthly Sales Number (Goal) and then 4 districts that make up that monthly sales. I would like to do a pie chart that shows what portion of those district account for making up the whole of the monthly sales

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    Offline posted

    Hi Justin,

    I am not sure what is your goal. I guess that you have 4 numeric columns (Central, Northeast, Southeast and West) whose values should be displayed in the pie chart. If that is the case I may suggest you to hide all columns except Title and the 4 district columns and then check Transposed. This will move the columns to the rows and give you an option to display the district values in the pie chart.

    If that is not the case, it would be nice if you can send me an excel file with some fake data or at least to let me know what is the type of the columns. Also let me know which values of this table should be displayed in the pie chart.